Steroids and appetite

Ugh! I am on a pretty high dose of steroids and it makes you hungry all the time! It’s doing my head in! I am trying to control what I eat as you gain weight very quickly while on steroids, but it is so hard when you just want to scoff all the time! I have so far gained about a stone since I have come into hospital. I am hoping at least some of this is water weight that should hopefully start to vanish over time. Hospital food is the worst as well! As I am on a renal ward, the use of salt is pretty much non-existent and my god it tastes so bad! I didn’t mind it too much until I had a taste of home food yesterday. My mum packed me some food for dinner last night and it was like heaven! I could have home food brought it every day because my family would, but I am very weary that the reason the food at hospital lacks the salt is because that is what my body needs so guess I just have to grit it and bare it!