This pic is definitely my today

Ugh what a day today. I slept really bad last night (overthinking is a b*tch!) but didn’t feel that bad this morning. After a few minutes at work I just started to feel so low. I haven’t felt this low in a while. I just wanted to burst into tears at any moment! One of my colleagues asked if I wanted a hug and I knew if I said yes I would just burst out crying. I was just sluggishly getting through the day. Then towards the end of the phone, I was on the phone and just burst into tears. I was so embarrassing! Lots of girls have cried before at work but I have never done it! Until today that is šŸ˜¦ my manager was just heading out but thankfully came back and dealt with the phone call. He was rushing off as he had to go somewhere but came back five minutes later as he didn’t want to leave me as I was. We ended up having a good 45 minute just about everything. I had been on edge all day and it was kinda nice to just have a cry and a chat. I think over-exerting myself has really had a knock on effect on me both mentally and physically. These last few weeks have been busy and I think I just need to rest and look after myself a bit. I’m hoping I will feel a bit better over the next few days….lots of time in bed I think!