Oh so tired

My god I feel like I’m dying today. I have been out more so than usual over these last few days (yay!) but it has definitely caught up with me now (boo!). I came back from a pretty busy day at work and couldn’t stop yawning. Felt like a zombie so no food or anything, just straight to bed and I was asleep in seconds. Having just woken up I feel so rough and tired. This is definitely the overdue tiredness that I thought I had escaped from using too many spoons on Sunday and yesterday. I should know better than to think I can escape the tiredness that using too many spoons will bring. 
Thankfully I have had some good news from Dr C recently. My biopsy didn’t show any active reason for concern so just monitoring for now….and most importantly, FINALLY, off most of my medication. God it felt so nice this morning to just take one tablet rather than a handful of 7/8. Fingers crossed things keep improving. Just need to get through this horrible tiredness. Think tomorrow is going to be a day spent in bed to recover. 

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