My tesio line

  So this is my infamous tesio line. The annoying stitches in my neck and then my lovely bruise from sleeping last night, followed by the two tubes wrapped up under. This photo is definitely a result of sitting here bored while waiting for my plasma to start lol. 

4 thoughts on “My tesio line

      • Of course you feel that way!! And you are entitled to!! It’s a change to your body!! It’s similar to like when we were in high school and we would get a tiny zit but it felt like it was our whole face? The whole world could see it? But in reality only the few who see us often and notice the changes in our body can tell.

        Plus it is not just stitches, ya know? It also represents something. It represents what you are going through outwardly. So for you it is a visible sign of your turmoil so it probably feels like a neon sign.

        I just wanted you to know that an outsider did not notice right away. But your feelings are still your feelings!! :]


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