Day 18

After last night’s bruise and problem’s with the tesio line, I was very weary of how I slept. But my god, I had the worst night’s sleep! I think I may have been overly cautiously and so hardly moved during the night. I woke up with the worst back and neck pain and feel so unrested! At least my bruise doesn’t seem to be any bigger and there doesn’t seem to be any bleeding coming from the wound (which there was a bit yesterday).

Over the last two days, with the aid of the water tablets, my weight has gone down 4 kilograms! I am peeing every few hours but four kilograms seems ridiculous! Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for any weight loss! Annoyingly my feet are still pretty swollen, but thankfully they aren’t too painful in the mornings. I am going to attempt to take photos of my feet through the day to see if I can tell the difference. I will post if I am successful!

My blood pressure is finally coming down a bit – 150/85 last reading I think. Still high but definitely better than what it has been in the last week or so. The doctor has decided that I am going to continue with my plasma exchange indefinitely for now. He wants to continue doing them as long as they are still working. I can’t really argue with it. It’s just annoying because I was hoping to be released mid week but that’s out of the window. Fingers crossed for the weekend but I am not getting my hopes up.

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