A small step…

I washed my hair on my own today! I know it is such a small step but for me it means the world. Ever since I had my line put in, the movement of my right shoulder has been slightly limited so for the last two weeks, at the age of twenty five, my fifty four year old mother has been washing my hair! As well as the limited movement, the nurses have scared me by warning me not to get my stitches caught and to ensure I keep all my dressings dry. My mum doesn’t mind at all but needing a second person just to be able to wash your hair kills your confidence. Today I ensured that the dialysis nurse who has my plasma exchange for me wrapped up my stitches and line properly and decided to try. I was extra careful to ensure that i kept the flowing water after from any dressings. It wasn’t a particularly nice shower but it was so nice to get a little bit of independence back. It is a small step towards learning to live with this line so I am feeling positive!

3 thoughts on “A small step…

  1. Tell me about it! I had to have my mum bath me for a good two months, I was mortified to have to have her help me to get washed and dressed! This is so huge, congratulations! I remember being able to wash my own hair and I was over the moon 😀 xxx


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