Day 17…

Annoyingly, the only visible symptom I have from illness is swollen feet! But my god are they painful! I know it sounds silly and ridiculous but the pain is unreal! They get worse through the day and then throb in the evening. The reason behind the swollen feet (as far as I understand) is due to my kidneys not functioning proper and therefore water leaking and being stored. Annoyingly when I was first admitted into hospital my feet were fine, but with all the fluids that they pumped me full off, now I am pretty much unable to walk! It took me ten minutes and a lot of pain just to put some shoes on yesterday! It was so bad that I even considered not going out!

Thankfully the doctor has started giving me a drug called frusemide, which should help get rid some of the excess water. I was started on it a couple of days ago, but, even though I am peeing all the time, there doesn’t seem to be any improvement! Thankfully the doctor has doubled the dose today, so hopefully there will be some progress!

My blood pressure has been very high over the last few days too – was 192/95 this morning! The doctors seem to think removing some of this access fluid should help with that too so fingers crossed! Another quite chilled day at the hospital today thankfully.

Not any more plasma exchange (yay!) but have to undergo a few injections for ovarian protection (boo!) due to my cyclophosamide treatment ten days ago. When the cyclophosamide was mentioned and used, I didn’t care about the side effects. I just wanted the treatment done. Thinking about it now, the effects on my ovary are obviously huge. I am a 25 year old woman who has dreamed of having a family all her life – my family mean the world to me and that always will be the most important thing – so onwards with these injections with the hope that it all works!

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